nura health

Nura Health, Inc. has developed the first and only comprehensive solution to implement and measure the value of Integrative Medicine for the benefit of Self-Insured Payers' health plans and their members.

Nura delivers:

the Nura Platform -
a proprietary information system for claims processing that captures richer diagnostic and clinical procedure data than currently available;
the Nura Provider Network -
a managed network of leading Integrative Medicine practitioners; and
comprehensive advisory services
to assess current healthcare benefit programs using contemporary financial evaluation tools and to recommend a revised program that improves employee productivity, and increases corporate value.

Nura provides the combination of services required to transform the anecdotal benefits of Integrative Medicine practices into measurable and manageable results. U.S. employers will be able to use Nura to drive healthcare costs down without shifting cost to their employees. Nura expands employee choice, value, satisfaction and overall health.

The Nura Platform can be added directly to any existing Self-Insured Payer health plan, and is anticipated to achieve overall healthcare cost savings of approximately 20%, with an additional increase in employee productivity equal to or greater than the cost savings.

Nura is opening the next major revolution in healthcare delivery. Interested?
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